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Two hands holding a plate of roast boneless leg of lamb over rice, sliced thinly and one hand serving the lamb using a spoon

Boneless Leg of Lamb

This Mediterranean Style Boneless Leg of Lamb is a staple at our home. Juicy, delicious and fool proof to make if you’re new to lamb! Tr this boneless leg of lamb recipe this year for Easter and you’ll forever be making it! Video included below!
Course Main Course, Main Dish
Cuisine American, Mediterranean
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Prep Time 2 hours 34 minutes
Cook Time 55 minutes
Resting Time 4 minutes
Servings 6
Calories 546 kcal
Author Mahy


  • 4 pounds boneless leg of lamb —American Lamb
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • 2 teaspoons black pepper
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg optional
  • 1 cup mixed herbs combined parsley, mint, thyme
  • 2/3 cup olive oil
  • 5 tablespoons crumbled feta cheese
  • 7 Orchard Valley Choice Mission Figs
  • 3 tablespoons pistachios


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Start by making the marinade. In a food processor add the salt, pepper, lemon juice, nutmeg, mixed herbs and olive oil.
    A hand holding a bowl of the marinade for the boneless leg of lamb
  3. Take the marinade in a separate bowl leaving 2 tablespoons of it in the bowl of the food processor.
  4. To the marinade in the food processor, add the remaining ingredients to make the filling. So you’l add in the figs, feta and pistachios.
    A hand holding a spoon over the food processor showing the filling for the leg of lamb
  5. Process that until the filing is chunky and blended in.
  6. Place the boneless leg of lamb on a piece of parchment paper.
    A hand holding a spoon and spreading the filling over the boneless leg of lamb
  7. Decide which side of the lamb will be used ad the inside for the filling and which side will be used as the outside. This depends on how easy you feel the lamb could roll up. As a general rule, I use the part that was closest to the bone as the inside.
  8. Place the lamb on the parchment paper with the outside part facing up.
  9. Spread the marinade all over the piece of lamb.
    stuffed and ready boneless leg of lamb going in the oven
  10. Now flip the lamb so that the inside of the meat is facing up. Spread the filling over the inside of the meat.
  11. Use the parchment paper as a guide and roll the lamb like a cylinder, tucking it well as you roll using the parchment paper.
  12. Use kitchen twines cut into 6 inch ropes to tie the lamb very well about half an inch apart.
  13. Place the lamb in the oven and right away drop the temperature to 350 degrees F.
    A plate of boneless leg of lamb recipe served with lemon slices and extra pistachios on top
  14. Roast the lamb uncovered for about 50-60 minutes. Use a meat thermometer and make sure the internal temperature is 145 degrees F for medium rare, then let the lamb rest for at least 3 minutes before slicing.
  15. Serve the lamb with an extra side of rice, some dried figs and a sprinkle of pistachios.
  16. Enjoy

Recipe Video

Recipe Notes

Leg of Lamb Tips:

  1. Buy American Lamb to make this recipe.
  2. Your butchers are very knowledgeable! Ask them to butterfly the lamb and trim off the fat to your taste. Also double check with them you’re in fact using American lamb.
  3. A food processor makes this recipe a breeze, however you can chop and mine all the ingredients by hand as well.
  4. Make sure to decide which part of the lamb will be the outer and which one will be the inner part. This depends on how easy it is to be rolled out either way. So double check before you start!
  5. Generally, the part of the meat which was closest to the bone is best used as the inside.
  6. Spread the marinade on the outer part and season for extra flavor.
  7. The filling goes on the inside.
  8. Use quality Figs for the stuffing—I used Orchard valley Choice.
  9. Parchment paper is so important to make the rolling super easy for you!
  10. The kitchen twine can be cut out into smaller pieces 6 inch ropes and tied up separately if you don’t know how to bundle up and tie the entire lamb as a whole.
  11. Use the same parchment paper to transfer the lamb to the baking dish.
  12. A meat thermometer is the best tool to determine how well done your leg of lamb is.
  13. The USDA suggests cooking to 145 degrees F for a medium rare, paired with a 3-minute rest.
  14. Serve the lamb and enjoy!
  15. Leftovers are great the next day! Even great for sandwiches or over a salad!
  16. Make in advance: Season and roll the leg of lamb and tie it up. Keep in the roasting pan overnight and roast it the day you’re serving.
  17. You can easily double and triple the recipe depending on the weight of your boneless leg of lamb!
  18. For grilling the lamb: Add the ready and tied up stuffed boneless leg of lamb and give it a sear on all sides over medium heat. Then drop your flames to very low and seal the lid of your grill. Allow the lamb to cook for about 10 minutes per pound. Then check the internal temperature using a meat thermometer and it should be ready or close enough. You may need an extra 2-5 minutes depending on how strong your grill is.
  19. ENJOY
Nutrition Facts
Boneless Leg of Lamb
Amount Per Serving
Calories 546 Calories from Fat 342
% Daily Value*
Fat 38g58%
Saturated Fat 9g56%
Cholesterol 135mg45%
Sodium 865mg38%
Potassium 734mg21%
Carbohydrates 9g3%
Fiber 2g8%
Sugar 6g7%
Protein 43g86%
Vitamin A 923IU18%
Vitamin C 17mg21%
Calcium 118mg12%
Iron 5mg28%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.