Caprese Skewers


Caprese is one of my favorite salads so we made these Caprese Skewers! This bright and flavorful combo of tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil is dressed with a simple olive oil and balsamic glaze. These Caprese Salad skewers can be served as is or finished with some croutons, chilli flakes and more balsamic! Video included!

Recipe Info

3 Cook time: 0 min

2 Prep time: 10 minutes

1 Servings: 6

Yeast Package
Flour Bowl

Bamboo skewers


Prepare your bamboo skewers. It's best to use 6 inch, thick bamboo skewers. Avid using the thin ones, or skewers that are too long since the salad will not hold on well.

Tomato & basil


Start by skewering the one tomato followed by a basil leaf folded in half.

Bocconcini cheese


Add a piece of bocconcini cheese also followed by a basil leaf.

Finish off the skewer


Continue with another piece of tomato, a basil leaf, another piece of bocconcini cheese to finish off the skewer.

Repeat & arrange


Repeat with the bamboo sticks and arrange the Caprese skewers on a platter.



Season lightly with salt and then a good olive oil drizzle.

Chili flakes (optional)


You can finish off with some chilli flakes if you like or skip the spice.

Balsamic vinegar


Have a bowl of balsamic vinegar on the side for dipping the skewers to your taste.

Drizzle the glaze


Or up your game by drizzling the balsamic glaze over the skewers and crumbling the croutons over the skewers.

Serve & enjoy


Serve right away and enjoy!

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